Monday, April 05, 2010


We had a great Easter weekend! One of Evan's favorite expressions of faith is "Jesus is alive," and since that's the whole focus of Easter, he got to say it a lot this weekend. He's also quite the fan of candy, and he's definitely had his fill of that!

I've helped coordinate our neighborhood's Easter egg hunt the last two years, but this year I used my pregnancy as an excuse to bow out. I've actually been doing that a lot lately, and I don't feel a bit bad about it! But we did participate, and even though it was raining, Evan had a great time. Plus it was a good primer for the main event...Mom's Easter egg hunt.

Every Easter we go to my Mom's and have the best time hunting for eggs in the middle of the woods. Evan has a designated area and gets to go first, and then she unleashes the rest of us. Not only do we compete for the most eggs found, but there's added incentive because Mom puts money in some of them. There's usually around 8-10 of us, and although we may be adults, you'd never know it. We talk smack, run through sticker bushes, and push each other down. It's one of my favorite family traditions!

I might have been at a slight disadvantage this year, since my center of gravity is considerably skewed, but I held my own and came away with ten bucks! Of course, my back has been making me pay for that reckless behavior ever since, but it was worth it. I'll definitely have to figure out a better plan for Evan next year, because he spent the entire time we were hunting, eating as much candy as humanly possible. I think he was under Grandpa's watch, but you know how that is!

Jeff played in the worship band Sunday morning, but myself and the rest of our house church were on childcare duty. As a result, I didn't get to attend Easter service, but the preschool lesson was pretty solid, and Evan and I got to say, "Jesus is alive," so all was well! We hope everyone had a great Easter!

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