Monday, May 31, 2010

May or June?

Well, Aida has exactly 15 hours until she forfeits a May birthday. That's right, I still haven't had this baby! So much for my "I think it will be soon" feeling. Apparently she's taking after her overdue brother. I was really hoping not to be induced, but unless she gets her little baby bottom in gear, that's what's going to happen. I've heard that contractions on Pitocin are no joke and that certainly won't help my "going natural" agenda, but I'm going to try. We still have until 6:30 am on Wednesday, though, so there's still a chance I'll go into labor on my own.

There have been a few benefits to the delay in Aida's birth. We have wrapped up every possible loose end and gotten absolutely everything done that needed doing. We are 150% prepared. Everything is packed, everything is set up, every article of laundry has been laundered, every blade of grass has been mowed, our pantry and freezer have been totally stocked, and every room and even the garage have been cleaned and organized. I'll be honest and say that it was my wonderful husband doing the majority of those things, but to my credit I was usually helping in whatever capacity I could or at the very least keeping him company or Evan occupied all in 85 degree temperatures.

We've definitely been a lot more active this time around than in the last days of pregnancy with Evan. Nothing has stopped, we're still doing all of our normal routines. The only thing that does seem to be on hold is the start of our Summer activities. We're going to do soccer, swimming lessons, the library's preschool reading program, and once my 6 weeks are up we'll be going back to the rec center on some basis. But with Aida's arrival up in the air, I haven't wanted to start these just yet. We have been staying busy with play dates and even went to our pool with a friend last week. But now that I'm home 5 days/week, life will be a lot more fun for Evan once we start daily activities. The big unkown? How I'll manage to keep Evan occupied while juggling life with a newborn? It's a good thing that Daddy will be home for two weeks to help with that transition!

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