Thursday, August 26, 2010

Does this make me a soccer Mom?

Evan started soccer last weekend, real soccer, with shin guards and everything. He's in a 3-4 year old "league" through the YMCA and I think it will be a good primer for all of us into the wold of team sports. He seems to have some innate soccer skills, but being part of a team might require a bit more practice.

Because of his November birthday, Evan is always going to be one of the oldest kids in his class and at extracurricular activities like this one. Couple that with the fact that he's big for his age and there can be a noticeable discrepancy between he and his peers. That was obvious on Saturday when I was the only parent on the field telling my kid not to kick the ball. He had no problem getting to the ball and was always out in front leading the throng of kicking children, but I had to keep reminding him to pass the ball and let his teammates kick too. We've spent time this week practicing in the backyard. Jeff helps him with his passing, while I help him with the ever important skill of saying "go team" when either Jeff or I kick the ball.

Neither Jeff nor I were very involved in sports when we were kids. After my Freshman year in High School my parents finally realized my heart (and skill level) wasn't in it and they let me quit the sports they'd made me play. And Jeff was much too busy jamming in garage bands to be a jock. We'd be lying if we said we were eager for Evan to start playing sports, it's just not our thing. But when Saturday came, I was really excited for him to get on the field and have that experience. I guess that's just another example of how parenthood challenges you to grow and put your kids first!

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Lauren Stahl said...

Yes, you are officially a soccer mom, but hey it could be worse, you could be me a soccer mom who drives a mini van :-) Although at this point I would drive anything else haha, see you at the field Saturday!