Thursday, September 02, 2010

She's 3 months old!

Aida has been in our lives for 3 whole months! Every now and then Jeff or I will refer to Evan and Aida as "the kids" and it always stops us in our tracks. What? We have kids? As in plural? Yes we do, and we sure do love them!

Three months has brought about a few improvements to our newborn world. For starters she has a real bedtime now. Both kids are usually in bed and asleep by 8:30, which means we've gotten our evenings back and we're very happy about that. Aida still wakes up once or twice at night to nurse, but it could be worse. She's very high maintenance when she's tired or hungry, but otherwise Aida is a pretty happy baby.

She loves to roll over and usually does so the minute you lay her down. She's not as vocal as her brother was but when she is, it's with lots of little shrieks. We got her first laugh last weekend when Grandma VerWayne was here. There's just something about baby laughter, it will make you act totally ridiculous to hear it again. Hers is a little chuckle and it's really cute.

She continues to be more predictable, and I'd say we're fairly close to what I consider is a real schedule. She takes all of her naps in her crib and starts out every night there as well, but usually ends up in our room before the night is over. I love spending time with her in her room, so I'm looking forward to the day she actually resides there.

I have one more month of being home full time with Aida before I go back to work. I'll be working part time again, so it won't be nearly as bad as when I went back after having Evan. But I'm sure it will still be difficult, not to mention I'll be pumping this time. One thing that has been nice though, is that it's felt like I've been home for a really long time. I know this last month will go by the fastest, but I definitely feel like 4 months was the right amount of time. Evan starts preschool on Tuesday (stay tuned,) so Aida and I will get a lot of alone time this month. I'll be spending September making the most of every minute with both our "kids!"

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