Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This one has nothing to do with kids, or does it?

It's no secret that I'm a fan of television. It used to be that you had to go to the movies in order to see great storytelling, but luckily tv decided to get really good right around the same time our movie going potential took a hit. Before having kids we only watched a couple of tv shows. But now, thanks to DVR, and our inability to leave the house after 8:00, it's increased ever so slightly.

Every Fall, I'm faced with the dilemma of what tv shows to tune in to. And of course, this year my line up has an open slot since Heroes was canceled. Oh how the mighty have fallen, "nose dive off a skyscraper" type of fallen. Anyway...I get most of my information on prospective shows from this site, because I can usually trust her reviews. Based on her counsel, various chatter, previews, and discussions with friends who like tv as much as I do, I've developed the following list of shows I'll be returning to and checking out for the first time this television season...the shows in italics are new.

Monday Night Football (of course)
How I Met Your Mother
Hawaii Five-O - Kristin's review, and you know, Alex O'Loughlin played a vampire once, so he's got my vote.

Running Wilde - Kristin's review, it's Will Arnett and rumored to be very Arrested Development-esque, so I'm definitely going to give it a try!

Undercovers - Kristin's review, I'm going to check it out, because I'm a sucker for a good spy show. But, if I'm giving up on a show, it will probably be this one.

The Office
30 Rock
(Parks and Recreation)
Vampire Diaries
Nikita - Kristin's review, I've seen the first two episodes and it's really good

That's a pretty full dance card, but I watch some of those shows on my own, and most are DVR'd so we can watch them at our leisure. I'm excited about the Fall season, it's a good time to own a television set!

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