Friday, October 01, 2010

It's been a great 4 months!

Dear Aida,

You turned four months old yesterday and I can't believe you're already 1/3 of the way to being a year old. You're still very much a baby though, and you can feel free to stay that way for as long as you'd like! This week you started hanging out in your exersaucer and you really like the new perspective. Although, I think your Brother likes it even more than you. He's constantly showing you how to push all the buttons.

You are an absolute delight to be around for every part of the day that doesn't involve sleep. But bed/nap times really aren't your bag. Of course, rumor has it that nap times go just fine for your Daddy! We've finally developed a consistent bedtime routine and we're hoping that helps. We found out that putting you to bed early is key. You're ready for bed by 7:00 most nights and if we try to delay that, you make us regret it! We're still swaddling you, despite our best efforts at weaning you off of it. You're a light sleeper and you just can't handle the freedom yet. You also still wake up once or twice per night to eat. And as much as I'd appreciate the sleep, I guess that's all part of your baby charm!

I go back to work tomorrow, and I'm dreading the hours away from you and your Brother. I'm going to miss your silly screeches, beckoning smiles, and the way you love to make raspberry sounds. I'm even going to miss our nap time struggles. I remember when I wrote Evan a very similar letter. I made him a promise that I would do everything necessary to be home with him as much as possible. And I did. I started working part time the following Fall. Today, I'm making you the same promise.

I know now that I'm done with counseling. My heart isn't in it anymore. I've held on to my job as long as I have because I was afraid to give up the schedule, in case I couldn't find something as good when I did go back to work. But it doesn't matter anymore because this isn't what I want to do long term. Your Daddy and I have done a lot of talking, and we're both looking in to a few options that will allow us more financial flexibility. Plus, it would seem that God has been a step ahead of us, and is providing in ways that we hadn't even asked for yet. He is awesome that way! Aida, never be afraid to ask God for anything. He cares deeply about every one of your heart's desires!

Our goal is to have the necessary changes in place by Christmas break, and that will make for a great distraction during those moments when the missing you is unbearable! In the meantime, you're going to keep Evan company at daycare two days per week. And you'll both get quality time with Grandma on Tuesdays, which I know she's looking forward to.

I've been home with you for 18 weeks and have loved every minute of it. These next three days will go by faster than we think, and before we know it, we'll be celebrating your first Christmas!

I love you, Aida!!


Lauren Stahl said...

Good Luck Tomorrow, I will be thinking about you!

morgan said...

she's adorable! and keep us posted to your future endeavors