Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's time to get real

I love me some Aida, and she may rival only her brother for happiest, cutest baby ever (during the day,) but I'm ready to admit night, she's a "high-need baby." Compared to Evan, that first week home was so much easier with Aida, so we thought it would be smooth sailing. But we soon found out that when it comes to all things sleep, she is seriously high maintenance. At the time, I kept telling myself, "she's a newborn, she'll grow out of it." She's 5 months old now, and even though things are significantly better, we've realized that some of those things are just part of what make Aida, Aida.

She's still not sleeping through the night consistently, although she has once or twice, and still needs to be swaddled. She's ready for bed by 7:00 and goes to sleep pretty well, but wakes up several times before 11:00 insisting on being nursed back to sleep. And she will NOT accept pacifiers. We even tried to start cereal two weeks ago, but it was a disaster. I don't think her GI system was quite ready. She had horrible gas and was up all night. We'll try again next month, and maybe some of the sleep issues will improve with the introduction of solids, but we'll see.

The good news is that she naps well and is very easy going during the day. She loves to smile and laugh, and she's recently started making consonant sounds. She's very cuddly and thinks her brother is hilarious! We all love her so much!


Lauren Stahl said...

That's the difference between a formula fed baby and a nursed baby. The breast milk isn't as thick so they burn through it is hard, but enjoy the extra time you get to hold her, she will be grown before you know it!

Stacey said...

I second Lauren's comment! :) Before you know it she'll be all grown and saying, "leave me alone mom!" (of course, this is coming from the woman with the 14 month old who still doesn't sleep thru the night!)