Sunday, March 06, 2011


Aida was dedicated at church today which was great except that she wasn't feeling well, so she looked pitiful. She's been sick and/or teething all weekend, we're not sure which. She has teeth coming in on the top and we're fairly certain they're the culprit, but she also seems really sick, so who knows. She's never been an easy teether, though, so I'll be glad when this round is over.

Our church places a big emphasis on the House Church community and actively involves them when doing baby dedications. We have a great group of people in our House Church right now and it was really great to experience their commitment to supporting us as we endeavor to raise Aida (and Evan) in the way God has called us. Parenting isn't easy (at least for us,) and there's rarely a week that goes by in HC that we don't share at least one struggle in that area, but our friends listen, understand, and encourage, and above all we know that they pray for us and we pray for them!

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Alison said...

What a blessing! Don't feel alone, parenting IS tough! Having people to support, encourage, and pray for us is absolutely essential! I love how people in our HCs come and pray over us. So special!