Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We had Easter dinner at my Mom's on Saturday along with our annual Easter Egg Hunt. My Mom is a rock star at hiding eggs. They live on acres and acres of woods, and I'm not certain, but I think the hunt takes place on at least 50 of those acres. As you'll notice, there are no pictures of said hunt, and there's a good reason for that. I was all business. I was too busy finding the $20 egg to bother with photography. Evan is still the only participant in the "little kid hunt," and I would have taken pictures of his endeavor, but Mom started ours simultaneously. I wore Aida in her wrap, and we made a pretty good team. But it did make me less willing to throw myself into sticker bushes to get an egg. It was a good day and we had a lot of fun! These are all pictures of Aunt Morgan tickling Aida that evening. She was being so cute, that I had to get out the camera.

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