Friday, May 20, 2011

The finished product

We put the finishing touches on the patio a few weeks ago, and since there have actually been a few nice days, we've been able to finally spend time enjoying it! My one "must have" was a chaise lounge, but I've since decided that I really want two. The second will have to wait though, because it wasn't in the budget this time around. This one is from IKEA and it is soo comfortable!

We landscaped and were able to use divided plants from friends and family to fill in the gaps and keep the price down. There might be more landscaping in the future, but for this Summer, we're done!

I got Aida a water table, and that's been the highlight of the patio for the kids. Even Evan loves it, which I think has more to do with the fact that Aida always wants to play with it, so of course he has to be right there too. I think we'll hit the end of Summer clearance sales to look for chairs for our table. We've had these $8 Wal-Mart chairs for years and they still look brand new, but they blow all over the yard when it's windy. Jeff also replaced the ugly gold stock light, and that made a big difference immediately. We're able to use every inch of the space now, and it's so great. We had our first House Church cookout last week and it was a hit. Next up, Aida's party!

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