Saturday, May 07, 2011

The last month of her first half over

Aida turned 11 months old on the 2nd which means in less than a month she'll be a year old! I keep thinking about what life was like last year at this time when I was 10 months pregnant, and then what life was like all Summer with a newborn. We've come a long way, but in a lot of ways it still seems like just yesterday.

A lot has changed in Aida's little world. She's started cruising and standing up on her own, and can walk all the way around our sectional while holding on. I think she's close to walking, but I'm fairly sure it won't happen by her birthday. She's also gotten more curious about the stairs and can climb up several before becoming completely oblivious to where she is and trying to plop down, so the baby gates will probably be coming out soon. Don't worry though, she's still keeping it real and scooting like always. I'm convinced that we will never see our daughter crawl. Aida is so proficient at scooting that there's really no need for her to crawl. I think she just likes the attention, because whenever people see her do it they stop and gawk at her like she's a rare species of baby.

She's eating less and less baby food and seems to be a great eater. Her favorite food by far, though, is whatever you're eating, especially if it's sweet. And she's such a beggar. Sometimes I'll catch Evan trying to feed her under the table. Seriously, just like a dog. She's finally started to use the sign language I've been teaching her all these months and of course "more" is her sign of choice. It's really our own fault though, we've exposed her to food that I never let Evan eat as a baby. Just the other day I let her drink some of my chocolate shake, you know, so she could practice drinking from a straw. And that's not all, she's eaten cookies, cake, cookie-cake. So, she might be a tad spoiled. When it comes time to dig in to her birthday cake, she's going to be like, "uh, what else ya got?"

Aida continues to "talk" more but hasn't said any real words yet. I still think she'll talk sooner than Evan, but that's a pretty big window, so who knows when we'll hear that first word. Her play has become a little more purposeful. She can play peek-a-boo with a blanket, I've spotted her putting toys "in" instead of only taking them "out," and she's even done a little pretend play. She's definitely got an ornery streak and always wants to get into the things you tell her not to, and looks back at you and smiles just before she does it!

Aida's got a big Summer coming up. She'll be going to the pool, playing outside with her brother, spending time in the jogger, and going on her first real family vacation. She also has to get that goopey eye fixed. What we thought was going to be an office procedure turned into surgery. But, after consulting with the doctor we feel much less anxious about the process. It will be over in 15 minutes and the recovery is almost non-existent. He said it's even less invasive than having tubes put in the ears. I'm still not thrilled but I'll be glad to have it fixed! If that wasn't bad enough, we're also going to tackle weaning. I'm pretty sure it's going to be a long ordeal, she's still very attached to nursing, but we've got all Summer to work on it and I'm not going to force it. On a similar note, I only have 3 more days of work which means only 3 more days of pumping! I don't know which I'm more excited about! And thank goodness for freezer stash because the relationship between my pump and I is running on fumes. But, we made it, and I'll be very glad to see the pump and bottles go!

I've got a ton of posts sitting in my inbox, so maybe I'll start rocking those out!

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