Friday, June 24, 2011

The end

Tomorrow we head home after a great week of vacation. Renting a vacation house is always a little risky unless you've been there before. With only their description, pictures, and sometimes reviews to base a decision on, I always breathe a sigh of relief when we arrive and find out that it's awesome! This cottage is in a very different community than our last trip to lake Michigan. It's more "fishing island" than "family beach camp," and we've loved it. The beach is amazing, with soft, white sand that stretches on forever. It hasn't been hot so we had things mostly to ourselves again, but it was much warmer than our last visit. I even got in the water this time!

I took more than one thousand pictures on this vacation, most of which are probably crap, so I'll be sifting through those for awhile. The blog will be vacation heavy over the next week or so, but this is the first installment. These are all pictures taken tonight during our last walk on the beach. Thursday was rainy and cold, and today hasn't been much warmer, but God gave us a great send off by letting the sun come out and the temperatures rise just in time. It was gorgeous and I almost wished I'd worn my suit.

We're mostly packed, so I'm going to enjoy one more glass of vacation wine before we return to real life tomorrow. Expect many more pictures to come...

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