Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Evan!

Yesterday was Evan's 5th birthday and today he went to the doctor for his check up and the last round of his Kindergarten shots. Again with the Kindergarten? Really?? Between that and his measurements, there's no denying it. He really is growing up! He weighs 48.5 lbs and he's 3'8 feet tall. This weekend we had a small party for Evan, and after much deliberation, decided to keep it just family. We've promised him a "friend party" next year, though, and he doesn't forget anything, so there's no backing out. Thanks to commercials and McDonalds, Evan insisted on having a Bakugan cake, and he got some pretty cool presents, so he was happy.

Jeff and I got Evan a bunch of "spy" toys for his birthday because he's always talking about wanting to be a spy. I think he'd be good at it because the boy who is never quiet can somehow sneak down the stairs without us ever knowing.

I always say this, but I can't believe that we've been parents for 5 years. There are days that it seems like it's been a lot longer, but most of the time it feels like just yesterday we started this journey. And meanwhile, Evan has turned into a really awesome little boy. He loves school, and he loves his friends, and he loves his Sister. Actually, Evan just plain loves. He has a huge heart and he deeply desires to share that heart with those around him. Jeff and I feel honored that God chose us to be the ones to care for and protect that heart.

I've included a video of Evan singing a song that he made up about God that speaks volumes. He had already been singing for several minutes when I got the idea to record him, so I missed the best parts. He sings likes this a lot and he loves to get his guitar out and perform for us. Of course, his Daddy plays in the worship band at our church, so he has a good role model. These are the moments that make me so proud to be Evan's Mommy. There is never a dull moment with Evan and we love him! Happy Birthday, Evan!

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