Monday, February 27, 2012


It's practically March, so I decided to sum up February with one big post. And since that's incredibly lame, I figured I'd complete the effort with an equally lame title. Just like everyone else in Indianapolis, we kicked off the month with the Super Bowl. Jeff works downtown, and designed the city's Super Bowl website and logo, so he got his fill of festivities. But the kids and I didn't go downtown at all. I started out not wanting to go because of the crowds and the fear it might be too cold. Obviously, the weather turned out to be a non-issue, but we still decided not to make the trip. What's funny was that I didn't regret that decision until I heard that there were food trucks! Our House Church had a fabulous Super Bowl party, though, with a projector screen and tons of good food, so all was well!

And then there was Valentine's Day. Jeff and I went to Zest in Broadripple for dinner, and we loved it. I would definitely recommend it. Date nights had started to get a little tricky because our babysitter is in college now, and her schedule is a lot busier. We adore her, but knew it was time to find a back up, and luckily we have a 16 y/o neighbor who said she was interested. It's nice to know that now we have 2 options when we want to go out! Evan really got into Valentine's Day this year and was very excited for his class party and the chance to hand out all of his Valentines. His excitement might have also been fueled by the new tradition we started - on Valentine's Day the kids get to eat candy/chocolate for breakfast :-) I'm fairly regimented about snacks, so he probably thought he was in some kind of alternate universe. We got both of the kids small Valentines, but next year when Aida is a little older, I'd like to start the tradition of Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dates on Valentine's Day. I think they'll both really like that.

I officially started working from home 1 day per week at the end of January, and that's been a fun adjustment. My company put me back to a flat three days per week, and I've really been enjoying the work. I get to review the notes and documentation of new hires but I also get to provide feedback and coach them on how to make improvements. It's supervisory work but without any of the responsibilities. Between that and the two days I do spend in the office being less clinical, I'm a lot happier with work. I thought it would be difficult to work from home, but the only thing I've had to give up is a little TV time, and the extra money has made that more than worth it.

Aida is almost 21 months old and she is so much fun! She loves playing with her Little People and her kitchen, and she's recently discovered dress-up clothes. This weekend she said a 3 word sentence! And her newest phrase is "that's so funny." Way too cute! I've been taking her to story time at the library this Winter and she loves it. And in April, Jeff and I are heading to IKEA to get her "big girl" bed. I have some really fun ideas for transforming her room. We'll be keeping most of the decorations, but all of the furniture and definitely the layout will be changing. I plan to do a before and after post, and I can't wait to see it finished!

I'm starting to think about doing a new edition of the VerWaynian Delicacies. I've worked some new recipes into the rotation (thanks to Pinterest,) and I'd really like to create a new meal plan. But we'll see, it's a lot of work, so it might have to wait until Summer. In the meantime, I hope you like coffee, because I have a few more K-Cup reviews I'm working know, priorities!

I'm really just loving life right now and some days I look around at all the things and people God has blessed me with and I feel incredibly unworthy but also so incredibly thankful. As we barrel into Spring, I pray that each of you are loving life as well!

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